Monday, March 31, 2008

Rocking the boat

I think ICT for Development is hocus pocus. Treachery of the highest order. Period. ICT in development seems better. The ICT industry is the most lucrative man made industry on planet earth. Has an African country or African private sector created one? Why haven't we?

Hi Malaysia and Singapore, how did you accomplish it? You embedded it I quess. This business of spending hoplessly on information systems whose failures are so obvious is a waste of African opportunities to have ICT in development.
Information Systems designed in New York, partially financed by the bank, and implemented in one of Africa's rural areas for reasons because but not local, is nothing but pathetic. Oh yes, the Consultant who came from abroad, show me your systems analysis report. Are there ICT projects that was ever cancelled midway in Africa and the foreign consultant took credit.

I think I hate presidential elections in Africa. What Africa needs is leadershipand just not a popular fellow to preside over a system so rotten as most African states are. Something is wrong with African democratisation processes.
Look at Zimbabwe. Some body not will soon be the president but certainly not a leader for that hopeless economy. This business of creating H.Es i.e. Horrible Excellencies who presdie over Africa's demise should stop. Hi Mwai. Hi. I have no tribe, I am Sudanese! I like that blogger! A Sudanese.

I long for that day the phrase I have no tribe will be a mantra in Africa and similar place with tribes. No tribes please. Tribalism in Africa is divisive and so are the religions. I have no religion, I belong to God. Ruhanga in Rukiga, Obanga in Luo, Rabuna in Southern Sudan, Allah in Arabic, Jah for the Ras, ... whatever name you call that suprema, I hate religion and love God.

Those who like me are like me, and I like them pun that. We are similar and true we eventaully become friendly to each other. And those who love me? I love you too. I have no tribe. I have no religion. I am from Africa. Am I in denial? Information systems should be local in its demand, and design. Africa with African solutions.

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The 27th Comrade said...

The ICT industry will not (and maybe cannot) be championed by governments. It's really just a startup industry: a few individuals with the will and ability. That's what pushes the bounds, not government. Except for things like broadband, et al.

Plus, I have no tribe, and I'm proud of it, too! :o)