Saturday, March 01, 2008

Southern Sudan SPLM Convention and the marginalised of the marginalised

Let the mayflies roam. Let the mayflies dance! Let it be known. SPLM show your shades! What itches you? Why should they admire you? Why should they adore you? What was the battle about? What do the two strips in you flag remind you of? What about the red? Do you need some more stripes? How clean is your house? Is it clean? What do you want come 2011 when the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) expires? Reform and create the New Sudan or split as you have never been accorded citizenry by the colonial Anglo - Egyptian condominium that ruled what became the Khartoum establishment and thought the southern was part and parcel of the snobbery.

The Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) convention will take place in May 2008! Venue? Planet Southern Sudan. Period. Whereas the autonomous Southern Sudan government will hold its breath while the convention takes place, in Darfur, the genocide will be a side dish, the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) might be clashing with Gen. Bashir's Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) in oil rich Abeyi region, the southern roads will still be pathetic, the Toposa tribal chiefs will threaten to scatter their gold if for a noble cause but save a referral hospital that has healed thousands. Is SPLM separatist or for unity of the Sudanese people? What is New Sudan? Was she an hallucination?

SPLM, where is Darfur in the New Sudan Vision that captivated many? Do you still have the marginalised of the marginalised in your midst! Western Equatorial State (WES) the land of plent and beauty, a marginalised Ministry of Telecommunications and Postal Services; the marginalised of the marginalised - the directorate of telecommunications and ICT which marginalised we know are worth millions of dollars. Where was the love! What was the cause? What is in the menu for the convention? What for those in the diaspora? Where is your website? What for the jobless youth who might be retired earliest? What about the demobilised combatants who were in Congo in 1954 under that big tree and eaters of game, those of the gallant sons, daughters and mothers who now grace the beggars lists? Ah! I forgot! And those who walked bare feet till Ethiopia to launch the cause?

I love your SUVs the Land Cruiser VX, the GX, the Humvee oh yes the life style, the green buck and the pounds. True the CPA put an end to the war, but hasn't the revolution miscarriaged?
Come May 2008! Where are the Sudanese bloggers? Let the mayflies free. Let it be known that there is a motto thus: Unity, Equality and Progress

And yet I must love you.

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