Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Broken news: Governance in Southern Sudan

SPLA's General Salva kiir Mayardit has met with the governors of the ten states that make up Southern Sudan. The speakers of the respective states parliaments are also meeting. The premises of the Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly is a no go zone to many. Not invited!

Notably at the governors forum is the first female (not woman!) governor of Western Equatoria State. She also happens to be the first female governor in Southern Sudan! Her Excellency, Jemma Nunu Kumba. Congratulations! What a women's field day it must have been! But to those 'men' in Southern Sudan who think their manhood could have disappeared, one would advise them nor to panic. You are still males and she is the governor! Give her due respect! R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Respect.

I don't know the definition of a man nor that of a woman. I am gender aware. Thanks to WOUGET. I still have that certificate! And I still recall, when after the Gender and ICT policy workshop break in Hotel Africa, Mr. Aramanzan Madanda asked all of us spell the words "Man and Woman" using our waists! It was an exercise indeed - males and females spelling with their waist! Anyway, I have the cert. and its in my Cv! Oh yes, the sterotyping is giving way! It is a new reality.

Back to Southern Sudan. Of all those governors Gen. Salva met, I will point out the governor of Jonglei State! Lt. Gen. Eng. Kuol Manyang Juuk! Let me quote from the Sudan Tribune Website:
Women in Jonglei state will enjoy 50% reduction on charges related to business and maximum protection from women rights violation, ....
... Governor Kuol declared outlining that this will help women to feed their children, educate them, maintain good health status but not for alcohol.

... also assured women of maximum protection against early - forced - expensive marriages, oppression, domestics work loads and assaults ...
Oh yes, there is somebody who gets things moving in Jonglei State, in Southern Sudan! No child shall be seen herding cattle in Jonglei State. All must go school! No more tribal skirmishes state.
Anybody well conversant with Southern Sudan knows that this one general means what he says!

Your excellency, I support you many a times! Down with tribalism. Down with corruption. Down with nepotism. To the health of a nation, and a people, keep up the good fight. Salva, the people's are entrusted with you.

Hey! I am not a public relations executive for anybody in Southern Sudan! Nor is Pernille the Marketing Executive for Tanzania! even if Louder than Swahili! We express ourselves!

Let me quote

Manyang also warned Bor’s population that any intimidation of town surveyors by armed men would not go unpunished.

On separate development, religious leaders of Bor-Murle joined hands in Bor town in calling peace between two communities.
Bor (a place and home to some Dinkas and the late Cdr. Garang) and the Murle people are in Jonglei State.

There is leadership in Southern Sudan. To the newly appointed governor of Western Equatorial State, I say you have to cause development where others failed! You have to bring an end to tribalism which is otherwise ruining the former golf courses of the colonialists in Maridi, and Western Equatorial State.


The 27th Comrade said...

Phew. When positive stuff comes out of the Revolution, those that doubted can be silenced with tangible evidence. :o)

It was time, too.

sudanreturnee said...

salaam taki,

just a small correction, Jemma is not the first female governor in southern Sudan.

And, I wonder why you say Jemma is a female (not a woman) governor of WES?

welcome, and drop by

salaam taki kaman,