Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sudan a la carte

Whether she is served as Kush, or Sudan, Darfur, Southern Sudan, but New Sudan, the fact is that his part of the world is hot and also cool; dry and and also wet! Lying astride the hot Sahara desert and also the cool and wet Congo basin, she is a mini Africa even if her daughters, and mothers bleach to alter her systems! Get Sudan a la carte!

Juba is a very large surveyed village! Khartoum is better and six times bigger than the greater Kampala, Darfur is in the desert, Maridi County, in Western Equatorial State, the bride of the Sudan! With Oil, Diamonds, Gold, Timber, name it, Sudan is a true a version of Africa! And so her people bleach!

Today, I saw a vehicle! I saw her lights! But I heard a sound and was terrified at the way she was being driven! An old ambulance rushing meaninglessly and dangerously true! And as such, the motor vehicles simply rev and Stop! Anywhere. Parking is stopping even in the middle of the streets - my hoof, and at the bend of round abouts! Children, some as old as 15 years old, rev their senke commercial motor cycle away! So they make their money! And so do contractors needlessly block public roads.

The Sudan! Sudanese? Why After all, many of your own, don't know you. Your children deny your skin and so bleach hopelessly! With three governments, two presidents, dozens of armies, thousand generals and counting, why not give the New Sudan a chance? The New Sudanese are are a reality.

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