Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ebola just after CHOGM2007 stinks

Has there ever been an investigation on the possiblities of biological warfare and exercises in Sub Saharan Africa?
The ebola outbreak in Uganda after the historical CHOGM 2007 repaints the grim reality in Sub saharan Africa!
Ebola is a virus-caused disease limited to parts of Africa. Within a week, a raised rash, often hemorrhagic (bleeding), spreads over the body. Bleeding from the mucous membranes is typical causing apparent bleeding from the
mouth, nose, eyes and rectum.

But then in some instances it is as if some one wishes that let there be a disease called ... and Sub Saharan Africa bears the brunts! Africa, Congo, (Sudan) Sudan, and Uganda is being diseased unchecked. So we have ebola, malaria, HIV/AIDS, name it, we are always diseased up and have to beg mercies all the time!

Let me clear the airs! I am only wondering! And I rarely wish to blog about the journalistic intents in the media any were! I hate to be taken by the winds of journalism! But human beings and their nitty gritties are to be sprayed upon a la wilder beasts as the Monitor article reveals and I must go to where my family is and I am asking: Why a rare version of Ebola just after CHOGM 2007?

I can't think of not going to the beautiful Western Uganda to quench the needed and so they quarantine humans! But come the festive season, am heading to Uganda, North or South, East or West, ... Juba, Southern Sudan needs a break!

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