Monday, November 05, 2007

Salam Taki: Yambio, Western Equatorial State

Now blogging from Juba, Southern Sudan. Salam Taki! The mood is not so handsome. Western Equatorial State!

I travelled from Kampala to Juba by road and private means and had my patience severely tested! Horrible road networks on the Arua-Koboko-Oraba-Bazi-Morobo-Yei-Lanya-Juba route wasn't a joy ride.

But after a week in Southern Sudan and as one writes now, some uncouth soldiers from the joint Intergrated Unit (JIU) comprising armed forces of the SPLA and Sudan Armed Forces, on Sunday November 2007, clashed and exchanged live bullets with the police in Yambio Western Equatorial State, Southern Sudan and killed among others, a Major, a Colonel and a Brig. General!

The result is a dampening mood among (Western) Euatorians in Juba because the cause for the clashed was much trivial and great potential leadership was wasted needlessly. In this part of the world, life is water!

The plight of the people of Western Equatoria State need to be readdressed urgently least the hard earned relative peace the people of Southern Sudan are enjoying could effectively laid to waste. And remember the feared LRA rebels of Joseph Kony are in Western Equatorial too. Salam Taki

Hotel Oscar, Alpha Bravo, ... I can read you clearly! But bear with me. Salam Taki

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