Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tale of two generals: Bashir and Salva Kiir

Its over a fortnight since one general called on his cadres to prepare for war! Gen. Umar Bashir literally called upon his citizens to prepare for war against (the forigners of?) Southern Sudan! Mr. Bashir, Four decades, killing and drinking the blood of your own is nothing but cruelity of the highest order! You are not worthy the presidency!

One week later, another Gen. Salva returns from the Bush of the US! Dodging Khartoum and gliding through Nairobi, Kenya he lands in Juba international airport to a hero's welcome! Not with the ululation of the women! Juba was literally paralysed. Riding atop a Landcruiser toyota, waving at the marginalised of the marginalised, he looks like the better leader for whole of Sudan come 2011. Long live the Vision of New Sudan!

Salva didn't disappoint. His tone was that of a general truelly tired of war. (Southern) Sudan nolonger wants to spill more blood! But then, a mosquito bites him reminding him that the Yambio incident in which a general, a colonel and a major were killed in cold blood by his very own, could derail all past comradeships!

Present two generals, and am convinced one is a warmonger and the other is a leader. Let the citizen say! Come 2011! Salam Taki, Salam Tai! Your peace ( is) my peace!

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