Friday, September 21, 2007

Mugabe Bashir, Zimbabwe, Southern Sudan and Darfur

I promised two options: Blog from Juba Southern Sudan or blog about Sudan! I was touched by a monkey tail! I now saluate you salam taki like they would in Juba Arabic. Hello! Issim tai Henry Owera. My name is Henry Owera. I apologise for being absent without notifying my readership! Am back and new! Bye bye Borrowed Civilisations. Welcome Salam Taki!

Am thinking south! Southern hemisphere, thinking about Africa, her enemies and woes! Thinking about Darfur, Southern Sudan and the factor of Bashir's policies and camparing the situations there to what is bedeviling Robert Mugabe efforts to heal the scars of colonialism! Oh! beautiful Zimbabwe! You will soon be a heap of rubbish! Thanks to Western neocolonialism.

Bashir basks in glory in the Sudan and wrecks havoc on Sudanese people in Darfur, and Southern Sudan, and his attacks are againist humanity! And what has the UN, US and the British governments done!? Nothing but Pretended to cause a change yet continued to make pounds of millions of dollars. Come the people of Zimbabwe.

The people of Zimbabwe have to collectively suffer on behalf of their president, Mr. Bob Mugabe. Why punish the people because their president implements a nationalistic reform so unpopular to her majesty the queen, Great Britain, and the US? Hostile and selfish international policies and sanctions are wrecking havoc in Africa, I dare say! They are weapons of mass destruction and retardation. Change.

Either, the African Union, and the UNO should be disbanded for double standards and ignoring the realities in Zimbabwe or the US and Britain should be expelled from UNO for promoting imperialism and causing mass destructions in Africa through proxy wars! Otherwise why shouldn't we begin cementing the grave of the dream of the United States of Africa.

Salam Taki! Henry Owera is for social justice! Let Mugabe be invited for CHOGM 2007 in Uganda if indeed it is a common wealth so to say. Thank you Gen. President!

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