Friday, May 26, 2006

Information Age dilema

We are consumers and producers of information through formal and informal communication. How a party consumes and produces information is another thing all together. However in this Information Age, information, misinformation, and disinformation are being consumed and produced enormously - thanks to Information and Communication Technologies (ICTS). Information literacy - the skills of knowing how to create, locate, evaluate, organise and use information - becomes a paramount skill to wade through vast amounts of information. The Information Age's maze and ICTs presents a different kind of challenge all together.

ICT is a luxury fast becoming a necessity in the Information Age. ICTs, also one of the most lucrative business ventures of our era is taking centre stage in leading humanity into the Information Age.
In Uganda, the Ministry of ICT is now only awaiting formalities. The Ministry of ICT has been mentioned and passed by the 8th Parliament of the Republic of Uganda and its likely Minister could be Dr. Ham Mulira, an ICT expert here in Uganda. An ICT expert!? Who is an ICT expert!? What are the qualifications for one to become an ICT expert!? Who needs an ICT expert anyway!?
Of a Computer scientist, an Information Technologist, a Telecommunicationist, an Information / Informatician Scienctist, UNESCO and the International Telecommunication Union, who should spearhead the agenda for humanity in the Information Age and with what mandate!?

The Information Age needs cadres who are primarily information literate. Literacy - the ability to read and write though vital is not good enough. The communication aspect of information is dearly needed. Then can knowledge of ICT skills kick in. A combination of Literacy, Information literacy, communication skills and ICT literacy is the better option for this information age.

I posted an article titled ICT Minister for Uganda to this blog and got the following comments / feedbacks:
Comment # 1. Tue May 09, 03:36:47 PM EAT
1. I find that the info about your storm centres has not come out clearly - reading it, some Ideas come but I do not get what you really mean.
2. The story about Ministry of ICT or Ministry of Information!?
Who is the author of this story? if it is you, your presentation does not depict that the ideas are yours. If its another persons work, please indicate so vividly
If you are reviewing a story, please state that its a review and please take time to work on your presentation (your arrangement of facts and words, your flow of ideas). I think that's one reason why you try to mix colours in your text, to me they are a distruction.
There are good ideas in the story but I think you could make them flow in much better way.
My reply to # 1:

You comments are definately very interesting! It is a piece for thoughts!!

Comment # 2.
Thu May 25, 03:23:33 PM EAT
This is very interesting content here. I will continue to read. Although I was interested in knowing if the work here is of your own ideas or are they article critiques of sort?
My Reply to # 2:
Thanks Stiltwalker.
I happen to be following the development of Uganda's ICT sector and "movement". I understand your fears but more importantly I hope to provoke an indepth analysis of ICT for Development Programmes in Uganda and other LDCs. ICTs seem not to have disadvantages here! Article critiques can not be ruled out on this blog! I hope to do so soon. How ever that article was a critique of a picture of Uganda's drive to meet the MDGs through promotion of ICTs.

I must add that, these articles are merely my opinions and at worst let them be my grumblings and your information. I am happy to share thoughts and experiences with you through this blog and your feedbacks are very welcome.
And i
n the words of Abraham Lincon, If I were two-faced, would I be wearing this one?

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