Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Kampala, Uganda 2006 Presidential Elections

It was a Gen. Museveni Vs. Col. Besigye contest. Old friends and comrades were at each other - the leader and his junior. Its was NRMO Vs. FDC. Somebody called its FCD! The gentleman who called FDC FCD is now the mayor of Kampala who in his own words will "accomodate HM the Queen and the Common Wealth. Your majesty His Worship the Mayor of Kampala, Al Haj Nasser Ntege Ssebagala come 2007!

For starters, press freedom has been clamped horribly. Websites were inaccessible the biggest victim being a certain "Radio Katwe". Not really a radio station but a bad mouthed website if i may call her so. Also affected were the leading news websites of Uganda: New Vision and Monitor Websites.

The contest is at half time as I write: the General definately had to win by a wopping 59% and the Col. had to share the balance with three other "pretenders" to the crown. However the contest continues before learned friends. Its before seven lords at the courts of law and definately before the courts of conscience.

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Gawaya Davids said...

Its very unfortunate that we are now ruled by a counterfeit government, while the true president is ever in court!!!