Friday, December 08, 2006


By Henry Owera
Why do I blog!? I blog because I can blog! I blog because I have a right to blog (read communicate). I blog because I have to! I blog to release the pressure! I blog because I want to learn! And for whom do I blog? Primarily for myself and then welcome you! Rude ah! I hope not but it is the reality!

I blog because firstly, it is like communication with my inner self! But then here you are visiting this blog! I feeling like am communicating with us! Well I don't mind hosting you in the owerasphere! It is like sharing my tacit knowlege with us (Pun intended) So should I have patent rights over what I 'publish' at Owerah's Bits? Maybe!... NO! Yes! NO! Yes! I wish I knew! Am I infringing on other people's patent rights? NO! and sky above help me never to! But how do I handle blogging tacit knowledge!?

Just then the idea and purpose of blogging takes another trend! You (read they) peep into the owerasphere, and now I don't know what we are doing and want to do! This is the uncertain (and harsh) reality of blogging in the information age! Am your Wing Commander! Blogging is creating a communication revolution of a kind. I have decided to don a badge of The Electronic Frontier Foundation : Defending Freedom in the Digital World I hope any blogger here joins EFF for guidance and moral solidarity.
"EFF is a nonprofit group of passionate people — lawyers, technologists, volunteers, and visionaries — working to protect your digital rights."
As for a Morgan, thanks for visiting owerasphere! But what a coincidence! I love being an Owera! I have made that vital link to your site! I could have donated space and worn your logo on Owerah's Bits -a new kind of aid in the Information Age
Owera is targeting Customers that need a comprehensive provisioning tool to efficiently manage and maintain any IP-based end point.
Disclaimer: Other than sharing names and alias, Henry Owera is not linked whatsoever with the entities behind the sites nor

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