Friday, January 16, 2009

African reality in politics of language

A trend in referring to sections of Africa and in typical politics of language is shredding Africa beyond recognition. Whereas there used to be the biblical Cush, Egypt, and Ethiopia, then the Dark Continent and eventually the Africa, the mother of gallant sons Nkwame Nkrumah, Julius Nyerere and some infamous swines, what remains is a chunk merely so large, and well endowed and begging a re-branding ... Happy near year if it means anything to you.

Depending on the type of government, or former colonizer, dominant religion, level of development, integration into the global systems, and even for shear politics, Africa is no longer a continent but different parts of a large district: North Africa, Sub Saharan Africa, East Africa, Central Africa, South Africa, West Africa, and Horn of Africa.

Africa could be an economic power yet in reality she is such fragmented, diseased, over shadowed and belittled in world politics that she is a district and begging.Africa continues battling for better recognition and yet a renaming is not an option. My calendar reads 2009!