Thursday, December 18, 2008

Should have been a precision farmer

How does a prince make sure his objective and grand strategies deliver as come sunshines? I read the text and yeah, it is ruthless! For one trained to stand the tests, least it is forgotten, I recall it being said that one should harden without ever losing the tenderness. Whatever that means ... I like it.

In a space of three days, a precision farmer has toed dangerously my way, I had to give an appropriate response and wait him lose the battle. Salam ta Sun Tzu. I like the art of war ...

Early a morning, he faced the so called specialist and it wasn't a square! A look into his eyes , believe, while he attempted to read into mine, he must have read falsely! It is always feigned and he had little idea what I feed on ... And as if a battle of wits, he attempted reasoning and twhile I sought explanations! And when his canon went loose and the two started reading off the same text, suspect grounds, the least prepared had just lost it.

He needed a service, he should have formally requested it, its merit be studied and appropriate action taken. Otherwise, he shouldn't have told us he needed internet connectivity and his way - tapping into a VSAT Modem under a the watch a an information age watch dog. Leave the bedroom and the kitchen alone! Be the quest! Wait and be served! Okay!

His was daring and off could have come the worst off the prince. Wait. While I stamped feet, he clinched a fist and bit his lips! It wasn't a good attempt again because he stood on suspect grounds and since I once copy edited a Precision Farming thesis, knew my position and knew his. One thing for sure, it (Read: Information Technology) needed his agriculture for a better consultancy for precision farming. Take heed. ... consultancies at times are merely delegations of minor roles not necessarily core roles and buying of a scarce expertise. A memo which spelled I- many-a-time-consult-Sun Tzu was drafted.

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