Saturday, January 31, 2009

Nsaba pornography at Salsa nights

As a bill outlawing pornography in Uganda is about to be tabled in parliament, one is of the view that pornography should not be outlawed. If the penalty of promoting and dealing in pornography will be ten years in jail, then a certain brand manager of pornography is making pornography business the more lucrative in Uganda. Talk about anything pornography in Uganda , the brand manager might be Hon. Nsaba Butoro. Doing more harm than good. The higher the risk the better the pay!

A Salsa night can complicate things. Imagine this: Nairobi, Kenya. Winter. Freezing. Studious. Telecomplications. Loneliness. An East African student approaches: Hi, Come. We have Salsa classes every other day. Lets go. It is fun! - Remember it was cold and lonely. I needed to exercise, make new friends with the city Nairobi, keep warm, break the monotony of the time and because it was Salsa and a Subaru who could resist this Salsa flirt and a Tinga Tinga ting? ... Come Salsa.

Hon. Butoro and his prominence with every thing pornographic in Uganda might want to come to the national theatre for Salsa nights. While at the show, perhaps the honourable Minister of Ethics and Integrity might want to define what pornography is! A horrible, seemingly obsessed with pornography, might read many Strictly Come Salsa and other art to be pornography and who knows, many could be innocently jailed.

In an act of e-citizenship, one may ask:
  1. What is Hon. Nsaba Butoro's definition of pornography?
  2. When should pornography become criminal?
  3. And truly blogging, isn't the bill just a comical relief for the owls in the house?
  4. Is pornography a major issue for a ministry of ethics and integrity?
  5. Hasn't Hon. Nsaba Butoro marketed Uganda's profitability in pornography?
  6. Would anybody want to guess which minister [Nsaba Butoro] will display a pornographic material to the parliament of Uganda?

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Tumwijuke Mutambuka said...

Bambi, if you start analyzing NB, you'll get a headache. Someone should give him a real job. I have a shamba full of weeds that needs tending ...

-Ugandan Insomniac