Thursday, December 20, 2007

The original creator of the award winning song "Wipolo" is Col.Abenego Orech Okot not that "pastor"

I have decided to blog what I should have done so long long time ago but didn't! The song "Wipolo" oft heard on the Ugandan airwaves and which a certain Pastor George sung and that eventually won a continental award, was composed by one retired Col. Abenego Orech Okot and not the said pastor! Well by now, the pastor might claim copyright but the truth need to be restated for historical reasons: Pastor George is not the composer of the song Wipolo. The man to be credited for the song in very alive and kicking and that I am very proud to be his grandson and a blogger and such is my authority in writing this.

But who is this Col. Orech and what is his connection with music? Retired Col. Orech is a Lango from Apac District, Northern Uganda. He is now a pentacostal reverand and still alive and still strong and composing and directing music even todate for the armed forces in Uganda.
Better known in the armed forces as Director Orech, he was study music in Great Britain was the Military attache of Uganda in Uk in the 1970s and he retired from active service early 1980s to do what he does best: Composing and directing music FOR GOD. The song Wipolo by title, tune, and original language is just one of dozens of songs he has composed for his own pleasure, and his hobby NOT financial gains and was well known in Northern Uganda's pentacoastal circles through conventions he was part of. I know why I feel the music, love orchestra, the guitar and the drums! These have been in the systems much early.

Let Mr. George not fool the world! George is an Atesot (From Teso, Eastern Uganda), how come he is was so good in composing only one hit wonder in a foreign language he even doesn't speak and not even on in his native language? For critiquing, the phrase "mulokole" is not (leb)Lango but Kiganda! But does he admit he is not the composer of the said song? And to his relief, the old man is not interested in suing him! Repent "pastor" for all the lies you have lied about the song "Wipolo" let the truth be said and the very word of the song speak to you too.

Apart from the modifications to the original "Wipolo" sung in Lango, the video, the translations, the voice etc, of the song Wipolo By George Okudi, the original creator of the tune, and the song is Col. Abenego Orech Okot, the former Director of Music in the Ugandan Armed Forces in the 1970s. Col. Orech is still alive and this blogger feels some body has cheated somebody of intellectual property.


Anonymous said...

John 1:verse 3 ...all things were made by Him.. God . .Abenego and Okudi,Wipolo to God be the glory. .Abenego recieved it Okudi re designed and propelled it for a wider audience . .so that more people can be blessed,both these two are great in their own way..and you Owera have no right to judge another mans servant Romans 14:verse4.Pastor Okudi is a true man of God whom God has greatly used to touch and save many souls to the everlasting light..i gues you have never met the man phisically thats why you have a narrow and negative opinion of this great servant of God.He does not Deserve such Negative Words..unless ofcourse its from the enemy of the gosple,The acuser of the bf the brethren SATAN.Revelation 12:10..So be careful what spirit is using you Mr. Owera....from a concerned Fun of Pastor Okudi...his music changed my life...To God Be The Glory.....

Henry Owera said...

I hope you do not worship Okudi!

You said, I quote: : ...his music changed my life ... " God you were changed.

And I am saying he did it illegally! Their is this thing called copyright laws and patent rights! The pastor abused it!

I have a right to condemn the pastor within the realms of the laws not that am judging him to rush to hell. Firstly, I live in Uganda. I knew Okudi perhaps before you! Secondly, I was touched by the musics perhaps before you well in the 1980s to be more particular. Thirdly, I am the grand son information professional of the said colonel / rev.

I think Okudi is more materialistic. He is using God's message as a ploy for making his end meet! What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Hey... do you have a problem with change . . or are you just envious or what? to be precise i became a born again christian and saw the light of Jesus . .to me that is the greatest change. .pastor okudi is the vessel God has used to shine that light on sorry to ask but are you born again??..If you are then you should support people like Okudi who are trying thier best to win souls to God. .i witnessed Pastor okudi in Philadelphia USA Lead over 100 Spanish speaking people to the Lord . . . by the way for your own information there was no copyright law in Uganda until last year 2007..As concerns materialism ..? i dont see anything wrong with making money the question is what is the money used for...okudi is a soul winner i believe there is no money value that can be placed over one soul . .how many souls have you led to God mr Owera ..Please Dont judge any one . .mathew7 verse 1.God Have Mercy on us All...Romans 3:23...When all is said remember LOVE IS THE GREATEST..... 1corinthians13:13.

Henry Owera said...

When ever we get emotional we cease to be rational. Thanks to you. No mores!

Anonymous said...

Young man! What u tell about the song is very useful historical fact. However this Devil disciple stuff - I know it must be a joke, but certainly a turn off. I am from Gulu and always note that Lango is always quite mute at claiming its achievements. I knew the Colonel. I actually thought he had passed on. He is from Boke or Te boke in Apac? I recall? Well good luck with your zeal. Use it wisely. Pst Okudi helped make the voiceless people of Northern Uganda heard. I am sure given his own background it was difficult for him to consider intellectual rights as he adopted the song. Secondly if it was not for you.. who could have really known the composer of the song?
Ok Carry on

Anonymous said...

Note: I am not the 1st anonymous. I am another anonymous..that hails from Gulu..

Salam Taki said...

Peace be upon people from Gulu!
Dear Salam Taki reader, I am flattered and joyed somebody in the blogsphere knows the said colonel. True, he is from Teboke in Apac District and still doing what he enjoys most - composing and directing music nowonder he is still called "Director".

My zeal is never to crush the said pastor! No! At Salam Taki, I hope to understand and promote information literacy and highlight the realities in the Information Society.

Apwoyo matek atina mamawa, How is Gulu?