Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Thinking South and being touched by a Tale

Am refocusing and thinking and South.

1. I was invited to become an African Path blogger by Joshua, the co-founder of African Path. I was truely flattered. I had no problem but a new challenge ...
African Path is one of the most exciting African citizen media projects. It is an online platform whose content comes from bloggers, readers, artists, ... Global Voice Online
I am now an African Path Blogger! And now truely thinking south. Africa and her woes! What is happening! What should be done? What SWOT analysis?

2. I was invited by moderators to join FIKARA a Yahoo group listserv. Fikara - Creating African Solutions:
Description: What kind of Africa do we want for ourselves and our children? Do we accept politics, culture, economics as it comes? Do we think we have to accept those as a natural given law?, or do we have the capacity and most of all the Will to change? And what do we want to change? Who defines our problems? ... Is corruption a problem? For whom? Is dictatorship a problem? Is democracy the answer?
Join us in defining our African based solutions and make them work, no matter how small the scale. You can make a difference. And with that,
I decided to become a member of FIKARA

3. I became a member at Global Development Gateway.
dgCommunities is both a place to find knowledge resources focused on development issues and an interactive space where you can share your own work, participate in discussions, find people with similar interests and more. We have more than 36,000 members worldwide - and over half are in developing countries.
I am currently a member of the following communities:
Which better places to network, get yourself informed and thoughts and self published!

4. I was invited by a Skyper who wanted to make a new friend. As in war, the first victim in the internet is the truth. Echo Kilo, you got me thinking, probing and flat in the sky. We built some rapport, attempted a game of chess online. ... I am flattered to be somebody's new friend. Yet another achievement for me.

5. When I read an article that advised thus: Go to Southern Sudan, young man, there’s money to be made, I realised Joachim Buwembo had whispered to me. I am now rethinking south since I was born in Uganda, raised in Maridi Western Equatorial State, Southern Sudan till I was six and later returned to Uganda in 1985, was in Yei in 2005 and Juba January - March 2007. Perhaps my next blog article will be written in or about Juba, Southern Sudan. Just a perhaps because I am truly astride Uganda and Southern Sudan.

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