Thursday, May 24, 2007

Blogger or Journalist? A new vocation?

If you don't want to be touched by a monkey tail, don't join the monkeys dancing. I don't remember joining the monkeys dancing. That I used to hop from tree to tree should not tantamount to my being a monkey. I am not a monkey. I am not a journalist. I am a blogger. I blog. I run an online diary. Period. Could being a blogger be a new vocation?

Running an online diary shouldn't mean that I am a journalist! I quote my self: That I used to hop from tree to tree should not tantamount to my being a monkey. My be I mimic monkeys! May be I mimic journalism. That one writes should not construe to a fact that one is engaged in journalism! A writer is a writer and a journalist is a journalist. And a blogger is a blogger! It is true, we could be cousins. Let us not forget the webmasters and Listserv creators!
"It seems to me that if a blogger is a journalist, everyone can produce a blog and never be subject to a subpoena," McCorriston
The law is being manourved by the evolutions stirred by the internet. Even if it means bending, the law should adjust its self to suit new age. The law should never come in the way of human capacities! The way the world thought yesterday is not helpful to the realities of today's information age and communication revolution. Journalism, publishing, copy rights and related rights need to be readjusted too to match the times!

Here is an instance of some known journalists and students of online journalism who eventually become bloggers: I present Esther Nakazi's blog and Kimume Paul's blog. Blogging and journalism is different. Whereas journalism has a formular, blogging presents none ... as yet. Are (all) bloggers journalists? Should a blogger enjoy the privelegdes of journalist? Even then, should the journalist continue enjoying those archaic privileges? An interesting case at the First Ammendment Centre site by Associated Press is here

Attorney William McCorriston, in a lawsuit brought by landowner James Pflueger over the failure of the Kaloko Dam, claims that Malia Zimmerman of is a blogger who isn't entitled to withhold her sources of information.

But Zimmerman, an editor and reporter for the Web site, says she is a legitimate journalist, not just some hack who offers half-baked commentary on the news of the day.


Owora said...

Where as a blogger MAY NOT be a journalist; a journalist MAY certainly NOT be a blogger though he or she could have one or two traits of a blogger - open mindedness. Blogging as you said is a cousin to journalism though they do not carry the same 'BLOOD'?

However i think blogging uniquely identifies a mind of interesting, charming and creative charaters. Its not a job but a way of life.

The 27th Comrade said...

In my opinion, all who can write can be journalists. This field, `journalism', is something we have practiced from the day we reported our elder sibling to Mummy. There is no need for the line between journalists and non-journalists. It should be between people who report and those who don't. Any privileges or responsibilities accorded to journalists should be accorded to all who report what happens. Let's forget that world - which has ceased to exist - where some people went out and got news for others. These days, the ones who get the news are the more-numerous. If there is a Iraqi blogger who tells you what's happening as it drops, isn't that a journalist? If not, is the journalist the one who reads off the blog and burns onto paper, or who interviews said blogger?

Bloggers are journalists. Journalists are all who report what happens. And the distinction that has held for so long should die. Especially in an age built on information.

Henry Owera said...

Owora and the 27th Comrade! We agree that bloggers are ofcourse different from journalists. Let us also agree that journalists enjoy some priveldges that bloggers do not enjoy ... as yet! Bloggers are engaged in some kind of crude but natural journalism. Comrade, what a beauty that the trend is changing: Bloggers are giving journalists what to write! Owora! bloggers can mean to be creative and an interesting lot! Am off to your blogs! Bloggers are the proffesional sources of news without "beats" - We news about everything!