Monday, December 06, 2010

Long live Sudanese Monkeys

Monkey Tap. Monkey Do. As the [quality of] tax-funded educational system declines, computer software improves. Credit Gary North. Opinion is that much as South Sudan wants its "independence" be mindful that the world over also wants a lasting solution to a Sudan lying geo-economically strategic but so wasteful in the heart of Africa.

With 33 days to South Sudan's much dreaded referendum, Sudan's politics is playing out to be well programmed software. Weird developments are happening in Dinka Ngok's Abeyei area. For some reasons, the Misiriya are pressing so that they part takes of a South Sudanese only referendum. And in an attempt to ruin a triumphalist's independence vote, the Misiriya have formed their own government in the Dinka Ngok's territories - in another's man's bedroom. Monkey Do. Monkey taps a trigger!

Apes will be able to achieve the impossible including dragging sane nations to war. A diplomatically trimmed Field Marshal who can't be in Tripoli has rubbished a Darfurian rebel commander, a centre clinging and holding partner. Things might fall apart more than a software could understand. And while "Wikileaks" has confirmed that Egypt dreads an independent South Sudan, South Sudan's vote for independence is no longer being doubted. The counting down is rushing. Oil! Greed will be the motivation for raging monkeys. The triggers are being orchestrated. A nuisance center might not hold for too long.

A composite reality comprising geo-racial, Afro-Arab politics, religion, economics and involving oil is one of grand interests, and a local alliance against a common notoriety. Doubt you what another monkey would do as the triggers get a prominence? I am resigning and will not be evacuating come East Africa 2011.

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Tumwijuke Mutambuka said...

And to think I came to your blog looking for home. :-(

So much at stake. Hopefully more will be gained than lost. Hopefully.

- Ugandan Insomniac