Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rightly left ambidexterity

As the Lefties pride on this day, I wonder which I would wish for my two year old twin daughters. While we were raised by a right handed mum who I think, thought with her strict right spanks, I am convinced she used her leftly rights to tame four brothers and their handful sister.

I think, I used to study my little brother's strangeness. He eats using his right hand, kicks and writes with his left limbs, fights from the left, looks rightish while playing squash and didn't know how to swim. I am more rightish. Volley ball, basket ball, and chess. Perhaps a convert from no where. Soccer. Undeveloped skills. As for him, I think he thinks using his left side of the brain. He looks that way atleast.

Left, right or both, I wondered how all these matter. Well, one mischievous dear uncle and my best alley, but because of handwriting lessons and the impatience of teachers, I recall, Oscar Delta literally tortured, and rebuked in every many schools we went to as was at the country side home. Todate, his left hand deeds as Barack Obama's left handedness fascinates.

And for Grace, the one friend who made me understand how to deal with girls, Colette and Claudia shall use whatever hand that suits then and any ambidexterity should only add to a fascination. I hope you complete your MBA. See us in December.

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