Monday, February 11, 2008

Ful masyiri cracks the African sky

The Egyptians feed Kushites on ful masyiri! Egyptian Beans so they call it here. The Egyptians cooked it, served it and they ate it. Ful masyiri. Egyptian beans. So long to crack but once served luke warm, it is better than beef in Juba! Only a Ugandan chick is better! The Egyptian drained all the energy from an athlete and won the day. But the top scorer is well known. All pun intact.

Returned to base secure later that the evening and the liver was kind to the facts the vile Reds were comprehensively beaten and that the losers held the Russo empire.
City 2:0 United. Liverpool 0:0 Chelsea. A Gunner rejoices! Now lets stray to Blackburn.

Hit the pillow preferedly served under the gaze of venus whenever Juba heats up. Technology has not effectly replaced the beauty of a clear African night sky! For the breeze ... the bewildering thoughts under the wild sky as you attempt to count the skies ... marvel at the galaxy ... the milky joy ... hate the air copnditioned room. Beautiful is the summation of parts working together marvellously such that nothing should be added nor removed from ...

I am delighted.

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